Carving an Eagle


12.   I usually form the beak with a 6" round file. Used as an extension of my arm and holding the file at a 45 º angle, the pressure of my shoulder allows me to use it as a knife.

  The tip of the beak has a definite hook to it.

  Leave enough stone to allow for sanding to the finished shape. Keep in mind that sanding is also a form of carving and shaping.

13.  Here is the carving to this point.  I generally use a flat file and the round file used as a knife to take off the rough edges and blend the lines of the carving.

  The head has been shaped. You may see that there is a gradual slope in the neck between the shoulders of the bird and the head.

14.  The base is an area where you can let your imagination run wild. I have carved my base to represent craggy boulders as on a mountain peak.

  You may have other ideas in designing the base to accentuate the presence of the eagle.