Open House
Whetung Gallery

Curve Lake, Ontario


  Sunday, May 19, 2002 at the Whetung Gallery included an opportunity for visitors to meet some of the featured artists, and discuss their art.
  Here Jude and Yvonne Garbutt chat with Jeanne Crank
 To see the artists' work, click on the links where provided throughout this page

  Jim Majury surrounded by his finished work meticulously working on a new piece.

  Jim’s work is his dedication to accurately depicting the fine detail present in nature. Each painting is preceded by intense research and evolved through a series of preliminary sketches.

  David Johnson and Jeanne Crank resting.

 Using ink, watercolours and acrylics, David explores his Ojibway heritage. His paintings are deeply spiritual and are inspired by the traditions and stories of his ancestors, while reflecting the natural world around him.

  Michael Robinson discusses his work with two of the many visitors.

  Themes from his own Native culture and spirituality form the starting point of his art and the basis of his message to modern man.

  Johannus Boots with his wife Teresa and children Aria and Symon.

 While John talks to the visitors the rest of the family get to meet old friends and enjoy the gallery.

   Eddie Lepage and Ellen Cowie in conversation.

  Nori Peter and Joan Tovey exchange ideas.

  Nori Peter devotes talent to the depiction of native life - primarily the life of the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic.

  Her great insight into the Inuit life and her keen sense of respect and admiration for these native Canadians is amply evidenced in her lovingly realized portrayals of these strong yet gentle people.

  Rick Beaver watches the photographer approaching warily.

  Rick's works show definite texture contrasts. Backgrounds are softly amorphous and lilting compared to the sculptural linearity of the creature he has chosen to depict.

  All in all, it was a very good day for artists and visitors alike.