Open House
Curve Lake, Ontario


  Sunday, May 18, 2003 at the Whetung Gallery included an opportunity for visitors to meet some of the Gallery's featured artists, and discuss their art.

  On the left is Katherine Laco, one of the newer artists showing at the Whetung Gallery

 To see the artists' web page, click on the links where provided throughout this page

 Jeanne Crank and Jim Majury having a pleasant chat

  Jim’s work is his dedication to accurately depicting the fine detail present in nature. Each painting is preceded by intense research and evolved through a series of preliminary sketches.

 Rhae Henhawk is another of the new artists showing at the Gallery.

  On the left is  Johannus Boots with his daughter Aria.


   Eddie Lepage and Ellen Cowie in conversation.

Rick Beaver, his work in the background, chats with other gallery artists Marilyn King, Ellen Cowie and Ursala Reese

  Rick's works show definite texture contrasts. Backgrounds are softly amorphous and lilting compared to the sculptural linearity of the creature he has chosen to depict.  


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