Carving A Small Swimming Loon



  The tools that are required to complete this carving are a hacksaw or hacksaw blade, a round file and a flat rasp. Later for the sanding and polishing, you will require Waterproof Silicon Carbide Sandpaper and Linseed Oil or Bee's wax..

1. For this carving you require a piece of stone that is 3 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches. Like the one shown at the left

The pattern for "Swimming Loon"

There are two patterns shown, due to the variations in printing between Internet Explorer and Netscape





2. Print out the pattern of the loon.

After cutting out your pattern, Place it on the stone and trace around it with a pencil or marker. When placing the pattern on the stone, the grain should be oriented along the length of the Loon.